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Republican Senator Presses SEC On China Audit Agreement

A Republican Senator is pressing the Biden administration in relation to a cooperation agreement on financial audits signed by Chinese and American regulators. Political pressure of this sort could make it more difficult to have a functioning regulatory cooperation agreement.

China and U.S. Reach Landmark Audit Agreement; Implementation Remains To Be Seen

On August 26, Chinese and U.S. regulators announced that they signed an agreement on audit supervision cooperation. Officials on both sides made public comments offering their perspective on what was in the deal. Whether the deal will avert the delisting of over 200 Chinese companies on U.S. stock

Five Chinese SOEs Delist from NYSE

In a further development related to the U.S.-China spat over auditing requirements for Chinese companies listed in the United States, five Chinese state-owned companies have decided to delist from the New York Stock Exchange.

China Imposes Penalty for Financial Fraud in Cross-Border Investigation

China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) has imposed its first cross-border penalty for financial fraud on Malaysian listed company Lambo Group Berhad's subsidiary in China.

SEC Adds 12 Companies for Delisting, Reaching 140 in Total

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently added another 12 companies to its list of companies that fail to comply with U.S. auditing requirements and are therefore subject to possible delisting.

Chinese Officials Say Government Will Boost Digital Economy

During a recent meeting on the digital economy at the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said the government will support the development of the digital economy and the listing of tech companies both domestically and abroad. Other members of the CPPCC also offered opinions

Beijing Drafts Measures on Cybersecurity in Securities and Futures Sector

China's securities regulator is currently soliciting public comments on a recently issued draft of measures on cybersecurity issues in the securities and futures sector. The comments are due by May 29.
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