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WTO Subsidies Committee Meeting Discusses Chinese Industrial Subsidies, Overcapacity, and Transparency

At a recent WTO meeting, a number of countries pressed China on issues related to industrial subsidies, overcapacity, and transparency.

A More Detailed Look at the Steel Company Audit Required under the U.S.-UK Section 232 Agreement

Last week, we reported on the audit of Chinese-owned UK steel companies that is required as part of the U.S.-UK Section 232 tariff agreement. In this piece we take a closer look at the details of this audit as set out in the parties' Joint Statement, including the

US-UK Steel/Aluminum Tariff Deal Involves Scrutiny of Chinese Ownership of UK Company

A recent resolution of a U.S.-UK trade dispute over steel and aluminum tariffs will lead to an audit of the financial records of a Chinese-owned UK steel company, in order to "assess influence from the People’s Republic of China government."

China Notifies Results of Steel Safeguards Consultations with EU

In late June, the European Commission provided notice that it would be extending for three additional years the safeguard measure in place on imports of certain steel products. In response to this extension, China requested consultations under Article 12.3 of the Safeguards Agreement. China and the EU held consultations

EU Decision To Extend AD Duties on Wire Rod Discusses Role of CCP in Company Management

Following a request by the domestic industry for an expiry review of an existing anti-dumping measure, the European Commission has decided to extend definitive anti-dumping measures on imports of wire rod steel products from China. One interesting aspect of the Commission's reasoning relates to the involvement of the Chinese Communist

WTO Panel Established for Dispute between Japan and China over Steel Anti-Dumping Duties

A WTO panel was established on September 27 to hear a complaint brought by Japan over China's anti-dumping (AD) duties on stainless steel products. The panel has not been composed yet. This piece sets out some key claims made by Japan in its panel request, as well as some parts

China Further Curbs Steel Exports

On July 29, China announced that it would again adjust the export tariffs for certain steel products (including ferrochrome and high-purity pig iron), and cancel export tax rebates for some steel products (including cold-rolled products and hot-dipped galvanized coil). The decisions were announced through two separate notices and will take
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