Critical Minerals

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Australia-China Economic Discussions Reportedly Hit "Snag" on Australian Lithium Investment Block

Media reports suggest that there has been a "snag" in the Australia-China trade discussions taking place right now -- although they "are still going on" -- after China objected to the Australian government's "ban on the proposed Singapore/Chinese investment in an Australian lithium project."

China's Questions, U.S. Replies on Recent U.S. Subsidy Measures

At a WTO Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures meeting last October, China asked questions about two major U.S. subsidy measures, related to electric vehicles and semiconductors. The U.S. recently provided responses.

Zimbabwe Bans Lithium Exports, Chinese Mining Companies Affected

In late December, the Zimbabwe government adopted measures to encourage Chinese lithium mining companies to do more processing in Zimbabwe, rather than simply export raw lithium for processing elsewhere.

Canada Announces Critical Minerals Strategy, Investment Review Changes, with Eye on China

Last week, the Canadian government set out its new strategy on critical minerals, as well as a proposal to update its investment screening regime. While not mentioning China by name in the official documents, the emphasis on "geopolitical events" and "security" makes clear that China was a key factor in

Canada Orders Divestiture of Investments by Three Chinese Companies in Canadian Critical Minerals

The Canadian government announced yesterday that it had ordered the divestiture of investments by three Chinese companies in Canadian critical mineral companies operating in both Canada and in South America.

China Raises WTO-Consistency Questions about U.S. EV, Semiconductor Subsidies at WTO Meeting

At a WTO meeting last week, China raised concerns about recent U.S. legislation involving industrial subsidies, and the United States pushed back.

Australian Trade Minister Comments on Critical Minerals, China Trade, CPTPP Accession Prospects

In the context of a trip to Japan and South Korea, Australian Trade Minister Don Farrell commented on issues related to critical minerals, trade relations with China, and China's CPTPP accession. On China's CPTPP accession prospects, Farrell expressed doubt about China's chances of joining given its current trade practices.
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